Associate and Sponsor Program

The ATMA Associate Tier program is an assignment of the by-laws that state: Any firm, person, corporation, or other business entity not eligible for regular membership, but which is regularly engaged in providing trade related services, equipment, or materials to the tool, die and precision machining industry is eligible to become an Associate Member of this Association. The term "tool and die industry" or "industry" shall include the designing, manufacturing, repairing or assembling for sale of dies, jigs, fixtures, tools, molds, gages, special purpose machinery and precision machined products. Associate members shall constitute no more than fifty percent (50%) of the regular membership and are not required to be members of the national association.

23 Associate Members Spots are calculated on NTMA January 1, 2019,enrollment of 47.

TIER 1 :

60% or 14 spots for Service Associates
Defined as what the customer is willing to pay for.
Annual Dues $800


30% or 7 spots for Support Associates
Defined as what the customer is not willing to pay for, but we need as members.
Annual Dues $1500


10% or 2 spots for Significant Associates
Defined as what we need to run our business.
Annual Dues $3000


2 from each Tier. (1-Bank, 1-Insurance, 1-Machine, 1-Tool)
Minimum $4000+ 



  • Invited to monthly meetings and events to network with NTMA members,

  • Invited to support member activity with funds, participation and activities that bring value to the member.

  • Company listed on ATMA website.


  • Invited to monthly meetings and events to network with NTMA members.

  • 5 minute introduction at monthly meetings.

  • Company display at all events.

  • Website ad.

  • Foursome and Tee Box at Golf Events

  • 2 Tickets to all Dinner Meetings and Events.


  • Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Vetting process: Membership enrollment is for one calendar year and will be prorated based on the month of invoicing. Every calendar year the names of interested associate members will be invited to join and awarded on a first response basis. 

Please contact Executive Director, for more information