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Discount Programs

Members of the ATMA,

I would like to thank you for putting your trust in me as your new president of the ATMA. As members of this great association, we carry the responsibility of carrying precision manufacturing into the future. To ensure this future is realized, we need to unite in workforce development, create cost savings, and be world class manufacturers to meet our customer’s demands. As members we need to know why we are in precision machining. The board’s goals are simple: serve the members with one voice, provide a call to action for engagement, and bring value to all members.

I would personally like to thank David Lair, our past president, for all of the hard work, dedication, and leadership he has given to this association. The timeless hours invested in civic programs, education functions, and industry based events for our cause did not go unnoticed and continue to impact our State’s manufacturing economy. Again, David, the Board and Members of the ATMA thank you.

When I took the oath, confirming my Presidency, I established a commitment to serve the members of the ATMA. This means upholding the requirements of the NTMA with integrity, ethical behavior, a commitment to excellence, and to build a culture of teamwork within our association. With your help, we will make the Arizona chapter the best chapter in the NTMA composed of the greatest members and world class companies.

I cannot stress the importance of our initiatives enough:

  • Strength in numbers for business by engaging customer and supplier
  • Political alignment
  • Workforce development
  • Sharing ideas and experiences
  • Access to assets (perishable tools, raw materials, and quality needs)
  • Subcontracting within membership
  • Our employees, employment, networking, and succession

All of this will be made possible through a base of great associates in services, support and significant categories to help the ATMA move closer to accomplishing our goals and realizing our vision. The funding created by the sponsors to market our values to new customers will help spread our visions and the affinity partners will bring value and cost savings to our bottom line.

Our Mission:

We unite as members of the Arizona Tooling and Machining Association to achieve success in a global economy by engaging each other and the community, using one voice, to create real and sustainable value.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to create wealth for members by providing a pathway to a competent workforce and fostering a united membership which will support growth in precision manufacturing to fulfill our goal of being a premiere manufacturing association.


Thank you

Mark Lashinske, President of the ATMA